R.Riveter x Jeep | Launch #4

R.Riveter x Jeep collaboration, inspired by the Super Jeep and 1970s Women US Airforce
In a bold and innovative collaboration that bridges the worlds of automotive excellence and artisanal craftsmanship, Jeep and R. Riveter have joined forces to create an awe-inspiring masterpiece – a fusion of the iconic Super Jeep and the time-honored legacy of military parachutes. This partnership, born from a shared appreciation for rugged durability and artistic ingenuity, unveils a remarkable synergy that encapsulates the spirit of adventure, resilience, and the modern-day superhero. 
The Super Jeep, renowned for its exceptional off-road prowess and commanding presence, serves as the canvas for this creative endeavor. Rooted in a history of exploration and adventure, Jeep's iconic design elements blend seamlessly with R. Riveter's inspiration drawn from military parachutes. The result is a truly unique collection that pays homage to both brands' legacies while embodying the superhero ethos. 
73 Super Jeep, inspiration for R.Riveter x Jeep collection 
The military parachute, with its fabric that has weathered the elements and supported soldiers during moments of extreme peril, resonates with the essence of durability and strength that Jeep embodies. Drawing parallels between the parachute's life-saving capabilities and the Super Jeep's ability to conquer challenging terrains, the collaboration brings forth a metaphorical union of protection and adventure – attributes that are quintessential to the superhero. 
 Inspired by the women military aviators of the 1970s  and 1980s who finally kicked open the door to fly in combat
Riveter, known for its handcrafted accessories and support of the military community has brought to life – in every detail, commitment to quality and story telling. The use of parachute-inspired textiles evokes a sense of nostalgia while maintaining modern day function. 
Beyond the aesthetic enhancements, the Super Jeep itself undergoes a transformation that mirrors the resilience of the parachute. Engineered with upgraded suspension, reinforced components, and cutting-edge technology, it maintains its reputation as a go-anywhere, do-anything vehicle – attributes that parallel the unwavering determination of superheroes. 
The partnership extends beyond the product itself, as Jeep and R. Riveter combine their passions to support veterans and military families. A portion of the proceeds from the collaboration will go directly to the hands of military families in the form of mobile, flexible income - underscoring the shared commitment to giving back to those who have served and sacrificed and those that continue to do so.  
Mini Josie Khaki backpack & Clara Zipper Pouch Khaki Backpack- R.Riveter x Jeep Collaboration
Carry it with you – where you so choose.