“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much” – Helen Keller 

Our longest standing Facebook Group where people share their mutual passions AND their love for R. Riveter bags!

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R.Riveter Nation Facebook Group
Rise and Shine
This is a brand new group for the woman who hustle! If you are a woman who knows the grind, owns a business or has all the dreams you are chasing, this community is for you! We want you to have a place surrounded by woman walking similar paths and find encouragement and the tools to fight isolation. This group is birthed from our Rise and Shine Mantra in our Reveille line. We believe Reveille isn’t just a bag but a movement of woman going after their dreams and living their every day lives like the doers and movers they are! 
Rise and Shine Happy Hour  
Join us INSIDE our Rise and Shine VIP group for our Virtual Happy Hour!
We can not wait for this event. Grab your favorite drink of choice and sit down and have a chat with us! We have a quick agenda you are going to LOVE and will do some LIVE giveaways to celebrate!
Here is the plan:
1. Rise and Shine Mantra - Rise and shine. Go and do what only you can do.
2. Your Closest Companion - Our NEW Line SNEAK and why it is MORE than a bag - it is your closest companion aiding you in those dreams worth chasing
3. Mastermind Launch and Sign-Up - For the woman with grit, chasing their dreams and the entrepreneur between $1-1 million.

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