R.Riveter Co-Founder Lisa Bradley on Tell Us A Good Story Podcast

Our Co-Founder, Lisa Bradley, sat down with Kevin and Steph of Tell Us A Good Story podcast to talk about the beginnings of R.Riveter, what it was like preparing for Shark Tank (and the behind the scenes of being there) and how she and Cameron decided on the name of the company. 

"People ask us 'why handbags?' We knew nothing about manufacturing, so clothes with different sizes were out of the question. These handbags mean so much because you choose one and carry the same one daily unlike clothing. Every handbag part has a person behind it from across the country. When you're picking up a R.Riveter bag you're really picking up these women who have worked on it. You're filling it with your essentials and carrying it with you on your life's goals while supporting these women's goals."—Lisa Bradley

Listen to her inspiring episode here