R.Riveter CEO Introduces Brand Ambassador Program

A note from our CEO and Co-Founder, Lisa Bradley:

Our community of customers has been absolutely incredible since R.Riveter launched in 2011, and our new #BagsonaMission Brand Ambassador program is an opportunity to embrace and expand that community even further. That said, we couldn’t be more thrilled to announce the inaugural #BagsonaMission Brand Ambassador Program!

Our team is looking for women who are passionate about the R.Riveter brand and mission to serve as Brand Ambassadors in our exclusive #BagsonaMission Brand Ambassador program.

The ideal candidate is a strong, empowered woman on a mission to break barriers, accomplish her goals and be a positive voice in her community. The selected group will not only form a VIP network of empowered women on a mission, they will also be the first to see and review new product lines, have a chance to be featured on R.Riveter social channels, and receive R.Riveter product.

Why #BagsonaMission, you ask?
There’s so much more to R.Riveter than just handbags. When Cameron and I started R.Riveter, we had both gone through significant life changes that left us feeling lost in our own personal identities. Many military spouses don’t have identities that can transcend moving across the country every few years, aside from the role from “wife” or “mother”. So we started R.Riveter to have a sense of purpose and meaningful employment that could travel with in this transient life.

Right away in 2011, R.Riveter resonated with the military community since so many spouses could relate to having similar employment struggles. However, we realized along the way that our focus shouldn't be just on military spouses; women all over the country are struggling with life changes, transitions and setbacks while fighting to stay empowered and accomplish their 'missions'. That's how our customers connect with R.Riveter - our company isn't just about empowering military spouses; we empower all women on a mission.
Regardless if your mission is to get through a busy Monday in the office, to work through a life transition like marriage or motherhood, or to make a million dollars, R.Riveter is there to help and encourage you through it. Our company is more than canvas and leather stitched together. We are more than just handbags. R.Riveter is about the community of empowered women who took part in creating each and every product we make. Women who purchase our products aren't just carrying a handbag - they are carrying with them a community and network cheering them on.
What’s next, you ask?

Interested women may submit their applications for the Brand Ambassador Program until August 18
th, when our team will choose a select few women who we feel truly embody the R.Riveter spirit, and are the best fit for our inaugural #BagsonaMission Brand Ambassador program.
Our team is thrilled about the community’s initial response to this program, and we are already sifting through a flood of applications! If you or someone you know would make a great R.Riveter Brand Ambassador, apply hereWe can't wait to hear from you!
In the meantime, if you're already a driven, passionate woman on a mission, be sure to use the hashtag #BagsonaMission in your social posts. We'd love to hear your story!

Lisa Bradley, CEO and Co-Founder