Pine & Moss

Growing up as an Army Brat and then marrying into the Army, you can say that the Army has always been a huge part of my life.  Dictating where I was to live and  for how long.  All our decisions were based on the Army needs and learning how  to work with them.   I loved my life as an Army spouse  and as a now retired spouse I find myself missing a lot about it.   

I have loved being a part of the Army Community and am happy we stayed within one.    Where else can we obtain so many genuine relationships and have friends living all over the world?  I love to volunteer through our local organizations and help them with fundraising through Pine & Moss.  Community is the reason Im a success.   I love being next door to Joint Base Lewis McChord, it feels like home.   I couldn’t imagine any other place I would want Pine & Moss to be located near.   


Pine & Moss is not just a boutique, it’s a community.  It’s a place you know you can go  to find the perfect gift, a great piece of décor for your new home or an outfit for almost any occasion.   

It’s also a place that might remind you of your favorite gift shop back home, a place you feel comfortable.  The military circle is small and it is so fun to connect the dots with incoming spouses and soldiers.  You know if you take the time, you two will have something or someone in common.  It’s also a place that you can support other small business owners in our area.  That in itself makes customers happy, knowing they are supporting more than just one business.   


I knew I wanted to own a small business and instead of waiting until my husband retired, I just jumped in and told myself I would figure it out.  I think of Pine & Moss as just another stepping stone to reach my BIGGER PLAN.  Just like all the smaller ones I had made prior to opening.  They all lead to one goal.  My final goal is to provide a space for other military spouses and veterans to work on their craft and small business.   I want them to take the plunge now and not wait until “it’s a better, more stable time”.  Why not now?  I want to help them take those  small steps.    Until I can locate a larger location to complete my end goal, I will continue to host events at Pine & Moss for my small business friends and community.