On Giving Tuesday we re-center ourselves.

As a small company, especially this time of year, its easy to get lost in the business of things. I’m talking about the transactional items - the cyber week deals, the numbers, the emails, and the text marketing.  
It’s time to remember why we started.  
What motivations we used to put one foot in front of the next for the last 11 years. Lisa and I had pent up a yearning for something that we felt like had been removed from our lives as military spouses. We felt like we had lost control. We were not able to make our own decisions about where we would live, where our kids would go to school, how far away from our extended family we would be placed.  
In the mountains of North Georgia, while our husbands were stationed together as 5th RTB Ranger Instructors – we opted to take a little piece of that back. Our careers.  
This entrepreneurial pivot for both of us has proven to be life changing – and our aim is to extend that control to our team as they take back a small piece of control over when and how they work through our mobile, flexible income opportunities.  
A powerful thing that we learned early on is that opportunity will come in many forms – the stronger the individuals and organizations are throughout the military community the stronger we will be.  
Not all military spouses will choose entrepreneurship as their means of control. Some choose alternate career paths, volunteering, or a chance to be more involved in the job of raising their families (often, multiple combinations of those). For those spouses that seek an alternate route – the funding for further education should not be a hurdle.  
That is the reason we have partnered with Special Forces Charitable Trust to help fund their Educational Assistance Grant for Spouses of Active-Duty Special Forces Soldiers. We believe in our community. We believe that a rising tide lifts all ships and together we can inspire military spouses to take back what they feel they might have lost and follow their dreams – even if that might be dream - Version 2.0.