National Military Family Month

November is known as a month to give thanks. What makes this month extra special is that it is also National Military Family Month.  


During this time, we give thanks to you—the family of a military service member.  


Having a family member in the military extends a sense of pride to families, but with that comes sacrifice and commitment. Families are the unseen heroes of the military, giving of their relentless support, encouragement, and sometimes allowing their lives to be uprooted to a brand-new place for their service member’s role. 

The foundation you provide for your father, mother, spouse, or child is what keeps service members going and allows them to feel stability in a sometimes stressful and ever-changing field. Without you, they may not experience as much confidence in themselves or the role they hold in the military. Your supporting role is vital to their mission. 


If you’ve stumbled upon this blog and don’t have a service member in your family but know a family that does, you can celebrate and honor them by offering to run errands for them during the holidays, donate services to them, and recognize them and their service member with words of thanks.  

To the families with active service members: this month we honor you. We see you and your support for your loved one and thank you for standing by them with loyalty and love.   


Photo credit: Photography by Ang