Meet the Riveter: Erika

Name: Erika, RR041

Hometown: Fort Wayne, IN

Military Affiliation: Army Wife

Why did you join R. Riveter? I worked as an RN until a month before our second child was born, when we had to PCS overseas. It's not easy to maintain an RN license overseas, especially while being the only parent during deployments, so I had to let it expire. When we moved back to the States, life was all about volunteering at the school and FRG (Family Readiness Group). One day I saw a story in USAA Magazine about R. Riveter, and realized their story was my story. I hadn't worked in 12 years and had no resume, but knew I needed to apply. The company reached out to me a few days after I submitted my application, and I've been with them since 2015!

Best part about working at R. Riveter: I appreciate the flexibility this company has given me. I have so much pride working towards the mission and the people we support. My coworkers mean everything to me, and we have women from all ends of the spectrum - newlyweds, new moms, and women like me, who are preparing for retirement. 

Favorite bag: Any Limited Edition handbag made from a retired uniform. I love how each has its own story.