Meet the Creative Behind the Makers Series Collection No.2: Lindsey Lindquist


A little about Lindsey: 

Lindsey is an abstract artist from North Carolina with a love for bold color. She refers to her style as “happy art” and that it is.  Her home, which she lovingly shares with her husband Bill, three children, her dog, and her kitten, is filled with her amazing and uplifting artwork. She even jokes that her home has plenty of nail holes from rearranging the art. In addition to filling her own home with her work, she often teams up with interior designers to put a finishing touch on client’s homes with a one-of-a-kind piece for the space.  


How did you get into art/painting? What was your creative journey? 

Lindsey was originally inspired to pick up a paint brush because of her mother. An artist as well, and an advocate for casual museum strolls, she would be the first to expose Lindsey to the world of art. She visited many museums across the world that would later spark her creativity. Her love of art grew when she received an art scholarship to Arizona State University. She began to dabble in many medias but her love of classic paint on—well—any surface, is what stayed true.  

What inspires you? 

The real world around her is an inspiration for her work. In the past and present she’s used art as a form of therapy during times of anxiety and complacency. Her titles often beam with humor related to her own life. (One is titled “Over-caffeinated and Under-appreciated” and boy, do we understand that) She’s quite honest with her work as well stating that, “I’m not analytical. People look at my paintings and say ‘Oh, I see this or that…’ I just like happy colors.” We love that about her because in choosing colors that make her happy and letting her emotions rule the paintbrush instead of overthinking, it lends itself to a wonderful surprise of depth within each work.  


What advice do you have for other aspiring makers/artists/creatives? 

As her own children grow and develop their hobbies and interests, she has encouraged them to explore and try creating in their own ways. To freestyle as she puts it. There’s definitely no room for fear of messiness in her home. 


We hope this collaboration with Lindsey encourages creativity and elevates your mood. These bold and fun colors are a great way to bring some joy to this colder season ahead.  

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