Making a Transformation

Transform is defined as, “making a thorough or dramatic change in the form, appearance, or character of.” At the start of spring, our Serenity Collection encouraged you to ground yourself and find peace in the everyday items around you. Our Emerge Collection challenged you to start taking those leaps into the unknown. The bold and bright colors were designed to inspire you to begin the process of identifying areas where you have been complacent, would like to make changes, or focus on the areas of life you can’t control.

We love the thought of an item you use every day—the handbag—as a focal point in taking baby steps toward your larger goal of putting yourself out there. It may be difficult to make an entire internal change, but it's quite simple to make an accessory change.

Finally, that takes us to the last step in any transition—the Transformation.

At this stage, you’ve made great progress towards your goals and have started to see what taking risks can do. You may be feeling more confident and less anxious. That hard work is done. Congrats!

The colors within this Transform Collection were chosen to remind you to continue to push the norm and to be bold, while the more toned back hues remind you it is time to give yourself a well needed rest. To reflect. To bask in the positive in your life. You can do it. You are strong and resilient.  


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