Makers Series—Steph Le Cocq

What is Makers Series? Read more about the origin here!

Meet Steph—a print designer and illustrator based in rural Somerset, United Kingdom. Steph has been running her studio “Stephanie Le Cocq Studios” for over six years and specializes in creating textile prints for fashion and interiors (so she’s basically perfect for our Makers Series, right? We thought so too!) Her talent doesn’t stop there as she is also known for her detailed illustrative handwriting and works with a variety of clients in both Europe and the United States. As you may have already guessed, she often draws inspiration from flowers and plants found while on walks, at art museums, books about the Arts and Crafts movement, or like any of us—from Pinterest. *We love a relatable moment* 


When we asked her about the scarves she designed, we wanted to know which one she would choose herself based on the set of words attributed to each. The yellow representing “peaceful, graceful, optimistic, and understanding” while the orange represents “powerful, brave, strong, and tactical.” Here’s what she had to say: 

“I'm always drawn to quite organic, natural and warm tones and I love how these came out! I wish to be more like the yellow scarf and have been told I'm an optimist. I think that positivity lends well in life and that peace and grace are quite underrated terms (and are needed more in the world)! I would love to be more at peace with myself and with others. As I've gotten older, I have really appreciated the quieter times and being happy as is; being outside and enjoying the simple things, spending time with friends and all boils down to just having a bit more love in the world, right?” 


Digging deeper into the inspiration behind the scarves, she said they came from her love of reinventing traditional styles of prints. She was particularly inspired by vintage fashion and this scarf was a new take on a ‘chintz ditsy’, or a small motif print that could be found on dresses and upholstery dating as far back as the 1600s. This pattern reminds her of berries and oak leaves which she felt paired well with the fern design and challenges the wearer to slow down and appreciate the details in life. (We agree wholeheartedly Steph!)