Maddie Shick of Brat Stamps Proves That Childhood Entrepreneurship Is Possible

Lessons Learned from a Teen Entrepreneur


By Maddie Shick {Founder of Brat Stamps} 

When I was ten I started a business called Maddie's Bakery. I made baked goods and sold them in my neighborhood. Doesn't seem like much, but in the first 2 weeks I made $200. That feels like a million bucks to a ten year old. Fast forward 4 years and I started Brat Stamps.  Specially designed stickers for each Army installation for kids to collect and show off all their adventures. 
The thought of starting a business might seem overwhelming. I would like to share a few things I have learned along the way.  

{Attitude is everything.}

When starting a business, optimism is the key. There are ups and downs. Sometimes you will not have any orders or business will be booming.  A positive attitude helps get you through the hard times. 

{Got money?}

You don't need a lot of money to start a business. Depending on your product/service will change the amount of money you will need to start up. I used my babysitting money, report card money and a small loan of $100 from my parents to get started. 

{Don't give up.}

You need to be committed to your business. You cannot give up when it gets hard. Just because business is not extremely successful now doesn't mean it won't be. 


Be creative with your company! Have fun, nothing has to be cookie cutter perfect. 

{Be real.}

Always be yourself. If you don't spice things up with your amazing personality, people won't get to know you. Customers want to know the person behind the business. 


Be confident in what you are selling.  If you get excited about your products or services your customers will too. 

{Knock, knock!}

Do not wait for opportunities to come to you. Never be afraid to ask for someone's opinion or for advice. You won't know until you ask. Instead of waiting for someone to call, make the call yourself. 

{Google is your friend.}

Google is an amazing tool. Everything you do with your business, you can learn from Google. When I need to figure something out I go straight to Google. 
Starting a business is not as scary as it seems. If you first do not succeed  try, try again. I hope the lessons learned that I have shared will encourage you to start your own business. 
We would like to thank Maddie for sharing her inspiring story with us! Here at R. Riveter, we are so impressed by Maddie and her desire to find success as an entrepreneur. Even at such a young age, Maddie has proven that passion, drive and creativity can take you on a remarkable journey!
Maddie's BRAT STAMPS are now available in our Southern Pines, NC retail store. 
For more information on BRAT STAMPS, be sure to follow Maddie on Facebook as she seeks out new adventures! Thank you for your service to our country, Maddie! There is no resource more valuable to a service member than the love of his/her children.