Meet the Newest Limited Edition Handbags

Each Limited Edition handbag we craft tells a unique story. Made from upcycled military uniforms, every thread stitched represents the triumphs, the struggles and the sacrifices soldiers make while serving our country.
Meet our newest Limited-Edition handbags: the Marine Green Hobby, the Marine Blue Otto, Army Blue Patton and the Army Blue Zipper Pouch!

Reclaimed US Marine Olive Drab Service Uniform + Genuine Brown Leather
From the memories behind the service member who wore the uniform, to the rich and unique color of the material, the Marine Green Hobby is sure to stand out from any handbag you've ever owned. 

Reclaimed US Marine Dress Uniform+ Brown Leather
For Remote Riveters, creating Ottos from reclaimed Marine uniforms is like a puzzle. So much time and thought goes into how each uniform is deconstructed and then reconstructed it into a truly unique handbag. The many characteristics and different aspects of every uniform make this no ordinary purse; each one is truly one-of-a-kind! 

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Reclaimed US Army Service Uniform Trousers + Black Leather

 Each Army uniform is a carrier of memories. Officers and noncommissioned Army soldiers have worn stripes on their trousers since 1832.  Now, the iconic yellow stripe can now be found on an R.Riveter Patton. 

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Reclaimed US Army Service Uniform Trousers
Made from reclaimed Army trousers, the Zipper Pouch features a yellow stripe - one of the most recognizable characteristics of an Army uniform.