Limited Edition | 2022 Capsule Collection

Back to where it all started

Making bags from up-cycled military materials, otherwise known as our Limited Edition Collection. Starting with what we had, we took an old army tent (otherwise known as a shelter half) threw aside all the stakes, ropes and poles (who needs those when you’re making handbags!) and made our very first tote and Dopp kit.

Otto from Shelter half

The character, history and aesthetic were exactly what we were looking for.

Tents soon led to duffels, uniforms and anything that we could cut up and make new again. Even an old, donated leather couch – but that’s a different story for a different day.

This January we are doing it again. Launching a capsule collection of Limited Edition bags made from Vietnam field jackets, Khakis and Greens.

Marine Greens

These bags are great connectors.

They honor the men and women who wore them, and the families that they came home to in the evenings, after TDY (temporary duty) trips or deployments. These transformed materials bring those stories and conversations to the airport, the grocery store checkout and car pick up lines. The textiles, the buttons, the shape of the pockets, the colors – all powerful details that bring memories flooding back that are almost tangible.

 Those who came before us - USAF airman in front of plane

When you carry an R.Riveter bag –

you are carrying a legacy of the Riveters, the men and women who did their part in creating it. With the R.Riveter Limited Edition collection, you carry a legacy that started long before we did.

three girls carrying R. Riveter bags at the store

 Cheers to the legacies we carry, and may they live long after we do.

-Lisa & Cameron co-founders & military spouses.