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Your mommy just deployed and you feel like your heart has broken. Know that each day it does get a lil better, and before you know it, mommy will be back, wrapping her loving arms around you, telling you how much she loves you.

Stay strong my baby, Grammie loves you.



My name is Eric Fields and my two sons Declan and Keegan wanted to say that they are very proud of you for being strong while your parents work to keep us all safe. They have close friends who have a parent deployed and always want to help their friends be happy. When I explained there were thousands more kids, they asked how they could help. So we are writing this together.

Please always remember there are millions of people that are very grateful for the sacrifice your family has made. We the Fields wish you and your family the very best of luck.

Eric/Declan/Keegan Fields


Thank you for supporting your parent to service to help us all! 


Dear Military Child

Hello My name is Madison Bolig, I am also a military child.

I understand how hard it can be. Moving to different places constantly, it hard and very stress full. You never have friends for long, because you have to leave schools almost every year. Then theirs the counseling that the schools give you that isn't necessary, and makes you feel different from the other kids. You also come home sometime and you mom or dad are not there. Most people wouldn't really understand how you would feel, so its nice to meet or talk to people that understand you and are in the same situation.

There is something really cool I did with friends when every I had to leave I would keep in touch by sending care packages, with pictures and goodies to each other. But all the stuff we sent was our own stuff not something we bought, but something we had and we cared about. We would also send letters to each other. I know what you're thinking. Why would I do that when I can just call or Facetime? Well that is what actually pulls people apart. When you send a letter or a package you get all excited of how you think they will think of it, and how they will respond to you and send stuff back as well. That's something a phone call can't give you.

Also if you ask me I don't have many friends, but I have some friends that are special to me, and I'd rather have some friends that are special and real with me then many friends that don't really care about me. So keep that in mind. Also keep in mind to always thank your parents for taking care of you, your country and everyone around you. I tend to do it every month by doing stuff for them. And remember they love you so much, even when you can't see them they are always going to be thinking of you and your family.

Remember also to take pride in being called a military brat, and don't let anyone talk bad about that, because when you take pride in being a military brat you are representing your country, your family, and all the other military brats out there. So remember that and keep you head up and look on the bright side of life very day.

Madison Bolig


Dear Military Child,

Know that you are not alone. I myself was in your position 12 years ago when my father deployed for 8 months to Kuwait. It's not easy, but you are so very brave and strong, and a warrior in your own right. You are not alone in your struggles or emotions on this journey, there are so many of us who stand beside you.


A fellow military child/ Navy brat