"Jarring" The American Dream: Southern Elegance Candle Co.

Fort Bragg. Fort Campbell. Fort Carson. Fort Lewis. Fort Stewart.
What do all of these have in common? Sure, they're military installations... but that's not all! They are also the names given to a collection of Post to Pillar exclusive, handmade soy candles from Southern Elegance Candle Co. This delightful array of fragrances capture the essence of these locations so well that Military Spouses feel like they've been magically swept back to one of their prior homes when lit.

But how does someone even begin the process of taking the spirit and substance of a military location and "jar it?" Interesting question, right? Well like you, we wanted to know the story behind these enchanting candles... so we went straight to the source! Founder and Candle Maker Extraordinaire, D'Shawn, wanted her product to represent the South as she sees it.
"The South is just a great place to live and raise a family. Thanks to the military, my husband and I have had the opportunity to live in and travel to many different countries, but I was always anxious to come home to North Carolina."

D'Shawn's candles have evolved tremendously since opening her business in October 2015. Her candles are now crafted in custom "Destination Series"  and exclusively offered through our R. Riveter Post to Pillar collection. If you haven't heard about Post to Pillar, it is a collaboration of Military Spouse and Veteran Makers + Artisans from across the country showcasing their hard work and determination through an assortment of well-loved products!
Here at R. Riveter, we're ecstatic about Southern Elegance Candle Co. joining the Post to Pillar family because D'Shawn is not only an extremely talented and passionate chandler (that's the professional name for "candle maker!), but she is a model Military Spouse with so much knowledge and inspiration to offer the younger generation of aspiring Military Spouse entrepreneurs.

"I am a Military Spouse and this lifestyle has made me fearless and resilient. I had to learn a foreign language through immersion. I've traveled all across Europe... alone. I've held countless jobs due to PCS moves. I've packed up and unpacked an entire home several times. I've made friends and lost friends. All of this has taught me that life is precious and you get one shot at it. I am not scared to try something new and I am not afraid of failing. Besides, you only fail if you give up... and this lifestyle has taught me not to give up so easily."

Fort Bragg. Fort Campbell. Fort Carson. Fort Lewis. Fort Stewart. 

Where will your senses take you?

Explore Southern Elegance Candle Co. and so many other Post to Pillar brands HERE. When you purchase an American Made product YOU are creating jobs, giving back to the economy and supporting the hopes and dreams of men and women like D'Shawn.
Interview + Story: Kellie Gunderman
Photography: Jenny Matthews of Paradigm Shift Studios

"Jarring" The American Dream: Southern Elegance Candle Co.