Introducing: The Whittle

Meet the Whittle, the newest addition to the R.Riveter handbag lineup. A sensible, yet stylish piece, this casual belt bag allows you to grab your phone and leather cardholder and go – without toting items unnecessary for the occasion.

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Perfect for carrying your most essential belongings, and smaller than a Patton, the Whittle is ideal for storing the bare necessities - which is all you'll need at an outdoor concert or theme park. Wear it on a leisurely bike ride and swing it cross body when you park to walk the town.

But don't think you'll need a special outing to enjoy this bag, as it's great for daily errands and quick trips to the store. After all, do you really need your planner and ipad when you're running into the bank?

Wear it as a crossbody, or as a belt bag, and get ready to seize the day. 

Behind the Name...

The Whittle is inspired by Mrs. Reba Whittle, a strong, compassionate, and courageous woman who was the first and only American military female prisoner of war during World War II. Upon graduating from nursing school, Whittle enlisted into the Army Nurse Corps and entered the military as a flight nurse.

During the war, the C-47 medical evacuation plane she was on was shot down over enemy territory while traveling to France to retrieve injured soldiers. Whittle was separated from her crew and transferred to a prison camp hospital, where she helped provide aid to prisoners.

After four months of captivity, Whittle was released in January of 1945. Later that year, she was awarded the Purple Heart for injuries sustained during the crash, she was promoted to the rank of first lieutenant and she also received the Air Medal. Although Whittle was not officially recognized as a POW for some time, the government designated her as a POW two years after her death in 1983.
The Whittle handbag represents an incredible woman who was brave, confident, and resilient. Wearing the Whittle should inspire strength in all who carry it.