Introducing the R. Riveter 2022 Makers Series

A new print inspired by the coastal mountain ranges of Hawaii
Welcoming artist and military spouse Jennifer Geletzke to the R. Riveter Maker Series

This month we’re welcoming a new artist to the R.Riveter family – put your hands together for Jennifer Geletzke!

The newest addition to our Makers Series line, Jennifer’s meditative line drawings inspired by the coastal mountain ranges of Hawaii adorn a classic R.Riveter tote and accessory pair this fall.

A Marine spouse, Jennifer fits right into the military-family-support centered world of R.Riveter. Join us in welcoming our latest creative muse!

Her beginning

Born and raised in Texas, Jennifer’s mom kept her creative-minded daughter well stocked with art supplies while growing up. Her early experiences with different types of materials still inspires her works today.

 Jennifer G - our Featured 2022 Maker's Series Artist

Jennifer solidified her artistic prowess through a BFA from the University of Texas at Tyler and an MFA from the University of Delaware. During her studies she fell in love with watercolor and graphite drawings that leaned heavily into line work and layers.


Her artistic journey

 Jennifer G's work

After her impressive education, Jennifer paused her creative journey. It wasn’t until after the birth of her first child (a beautiful daughter) that she decided that she needed a creative outlet to feel like herself again.

She began to create during her daughter’s nap times – finding little moments here and there to dive back into her creative pursuits, to reclaim a bit of herself during motherhood.

In 2019, when she was deep into raising two young children, Jennifer began to regularly experience anxiety – something many of us can relate to. She found a sense of calm through drawing her signature rhythmic lines on paper. The repetitive, exploratory process allowed her to focus on the here and now, to calm the anxious voice in her head.


Growing in her artistic pursuits, Jennifer then began to refine her lines and patterns, working in nods to landscapes and flowing water. These new elements grounded her in the present, and she still explores these similar expressions today.


Her creative inspiration

 Mountain line drawings

When she needs a dash of inspiration, Jennifer journeys into nature. She loves hiking, going to the beach, and seeing just how exquisite God’s natural works can be. She sees mountains and sunrises as the ultimate work of the Creator, and something she turns to regularly for ideas.


If she feels her creativity running dry, Jennifer pulls out new mediums, new papers, and begins to play and explore – never knowing what new ideas and exciting possibilities she will stumble upon. Sometimes she cuts up old work to create something new.


Ultimately, Jennifer fully believes that creativity breeds creativity, and that her work grows in new directions through intentional play and exploration.


Her artwork today


Jennifer’s current artwork features watercolor and graphite as materials and plays off her obsession of paper and unique materials. Some pieces feature sewn elements as well for added texture.


Her work is a visual manifestation of her time spent in prayer, mediation, and basking in the quiet. She finds stillness in her mind by creating rhythmic, repetitive marks.

 layers in her artwork

Jennifer loves to play with layers in her pieces – the layers feeling like the layers of person that a viewer can peel back to experience a depth beyond the surface.


Her advice for other artists

In her experience, Jennifer believes that people never quite feel ready to take the artistic leap into creative exploration. She advises everyone to not let fear keep you from moving forward; don’t let “I don’t know” hold you back.


She advises that if you don’t feel like you have time to create, grab a stack of paper, keep your pencils handy, and draw in the five minutes you can spare here and there. Those tiny slivers of time will add up and you will see growth in your artistic practice and expression.


Jennifer and R.Riveter


Jennifer offered R.Riveter a signature line work and watercolor print to use on a classic R.Riveter tote and accessory pair. The Na Pali coast in Hawaii inspired this iconic piece.


From a series of prints that she completed when her family was stationed on Oahu, the lines in her piece mimic the breathtaking undulations and contours of the Hawaiian mountain ranges she saw everyday. The time she and her family spent on the island tremendously impacted her artistic style and development.


This print will always remind her of her family’s island home and the wonder she felt while gazing at the mountains of God’s creation.

the Maker's Series 2022 - a limited edition bag and scarf pair.  

Welcome Jennifer to the R.Riveter family


Shop the new Maker Series collection today featuring Jennifer’s incredible artwork and help aid the R.Riveter mission – supporting military spouses and families.


Not only is Jennifer a proud military spouse herself, each R.Riveter bag, pouch, or purse journeys across the fifty states before arriving on your doorstep. Military spouses across the nation craft individual components and ship them to our Fabshop where our in-house team then assembles each piece into a one-of-a-kind product crafted with love, honor, and pride in our country.


Thank you for helping support military spouses and families!