Adventure Awaits

R.Riveter is thrilled to introduce you to our newest collection: Adventure Awaits.
The Collection consists of six pre-styled adventure kits, each curated to meet the needs of the adventures you'll take. Whether you’re exploring your new city, or on a world tour - adventure awaits.
Will you be ready?

Kit Cost: $149 (Value $190)

For those who enjoy looking chic while traveling light, look no further than the Urban Explorer. This kit consists of a black Patton handbag, a black leather cardholder, and a black leather earbud holder. With enough space to store your phone and a few other essentials, the Patton is a versatile crossbody bag that’s great for a day exploring a new city or an everyday adventure. Toss in your cardholder, earphones, and sunglasses and get ready to conquer your urban adventure.

Kit Cost: $249 (Value $315)

Ideal for daytime excursions, the Day Tripper includes a black Hobby, a black leather wallet, and black leather keychain. The Hobby is large enough to carry your day trip essentials - plus snacks, water and any other small items you may need! Keep your cash and cards safe in the wallet, and avoid losing your keys by attaching the leather keychain to your bag.

Kit Cost: $299 (Value $380)

The Frequent Weekender consists of a signature brown leather Otto handbag, a black zipper pouch, a brown wallet, and a brown keychain. The Otto is the perfect bag to carry all your necessary items, and then some. Use the zipper pouch as additional organization, or wear it as a separate clutch while running out to dinner. And don't forget to store some cash in the wallet along with your IDs, just in case that cool food truck or roadside fruit stand is cash -only!

Kit Cost: $329 (Value $411)

Traveling requires thoughtful packing, and the World Traveler allows you to carry all the essentials you need for the perfect, unforgettable trip.  This kit includes the signature brown leather Grant, a brown leather Dopp Kit, brown wallet, brown luggage tag, and brown earbud holder. A large carryall, the Grant offers ample space for a laptop or tablet, wallet, notebook, hand wipes and other travel necessities.  It also has external pockets for easy access to boarding passes, phones or passports. The Dopp Kit provides the perfect storage for your toiletries, and the wallet allows you to carry plenty of foreign currency for all the souvenirs you'll be collecting along the way.

Kit Cost: $129  (Value $160)

Whether traveling for work or pleasure, these accessories will help any jet-setting gentleman travel with ease. This kit consists of a black Dopp Kit to organize all toiletries and a black luggage tag perfect for that favorite briefcase or overnight bag. Avoid bulky pockets with the black cardholder, a great accessory for storing those small, yet important credit and business cards. Most importantly - spend more time relaxing and less time untangling earphone cords with the handy brown leather earbud holder.


Kit Cost: $59 (Value $75)

The Minimalist is for those looking for a bit of organization in their everyday adventures. The kit includes a brown earbud holder, brown keychain, and brown cardholder.  Perfect for a man or woman, with the Minimalist, you have the ability to take only what you need and go! 


Kit Cost: $389 (Value $490)

There is no better way to ease the race of a traveler’s heart than getting away to explore places unknown. The Wanderer is the perfect adventure kit, complete with everything you need to travel the world. The Corbin Backpack is the perfect bag to store a camera, journal, laptop and other travel necessities. Essential travel documents can be tucked in any of the Corbin’s pockets, or compartmentalized in the Naomi Zipper pouch for quick access. Keep headphones organized with the earbud holder and attach the leather keychain to your bag to keep keys secure. A leather wallet allows for storing plenty of foreign currency for souvenirs you might pick up along the way. Attach the luggage tag to your suitcase, and get to exploring. Bon Voyage! 

Adventure Awaits