How to buy bag for a capsule wardrobe | R. Riveter

If you have been around here very long you may know that take a fairly minimalistic approach to fashion with our handbags. With our company being military inspired we naturally are inspired by camo. Our brand colors have always been built around greens, browns, and navy. The colors we keep as Signature are purposeful to blend and compliment everyday wear flawlessly. So if you too are like us and looking for a bag that matches your wardrobe but also stands out in the world of fashion, we have you. Here are all our steps to finding a handbag that you need. 


capsule wardrobe handbag suggestions


1. Durability

The first and most important component of a bag for a capsule wardrobe is longevity. You need a bag that will last. One of our favorite things about R. Riveter is many woman say they buy more bags never because they NEED one.... their bag looks the dame after 10+ years... but because they want to support the mission. We love that. However, we don't want you to ever HAVE to keep buying a bag. Our bags are designed to make it through and stay with you. All of our bags pass this test and will last however LEATHER is always the longest game around. Our leather quality is TOP notch and made to last and any bag with leather components or all leather is going to last beyond you could imagine.  



2. Size

The 80% test! We believe a good capsule bag should fit into your life 80% of the time. We all know that there are special occasions where maybe you need a small bag on the go or a super large tote for travel. If you can find a bag that meets 80% of your life's needs, that is just right! It is important to think through what you carry around the majority of that 80% time. If you are always traveling with a computer it may be time to buy our Corbin or Williams. If you are just a wallet, keys, lipstick kind of lady, we have many compact bags in all different styles. So what size do you need?

*Our Williams and Corbin are our largest bags for multipurpose functions as well as our LARGE Margot and Mattie Large SHOP LARGE BAGS

*Compact bags - check out our Patton, Whittle, Augusta, Hopper, Betsy. SHOP SMALL BAGS

*Middle Sized - Otto, Dot, Mattie, Mae, Marcy, Harriet etc. SHOP MEDIUM BAGS

3. Straps 

This part we feel can be very overlooked. A good strap is so understated. It is important to make sure those shoulders are not going to hurt. A thicker strap will provide more comfort. We love for a capture that some our bags have up to THREE different ways to carry it and multiple strap options. Some of our styles even have the option to change out the straps which we feel is the best option for a capsule wardrobe. Be sure to check out all our bags that have multiple strap functions and changeable straps. 


*Hoppers, Otto, Williams, Dot, Whittle, Patton, etc. 


4. Color

Our Signature bags all are in colors that are classified as neutrals. Did you know our fatigue green is actually a GREAT neutral? It matches WAY more than you would realize. Sticking with in those tans, browns, blues, greens, and blacks will help ensure your bag matches the majority of your wardrobe.