How R.Riveter Bootstrapped Their Way to Success


Depending on who you ask, you’ll get a wide range of answers when asked what it means to be successful, especially when it comes to talking about what makes a business a success. From the beginning, Lisa Bradley and Cameron Cruse’s idea of success was to be able to offer a new type of work to other women in situations much like their own. Success for them, started with a huge problem. Their resumes had gaps due to being military spouses and moving often with their family. After being turned away from so many jobs they were well overqualified for, they knew they had to create their own solution. It started in the attic of Cameron’s house. The two were sewing bags, trying to keep up with demand, being fueled on little sleep and lots of coffee. When they pitched their idea on Shark Tank, investor Mark Cuban jumped on the idea and was ready to invest.  

After the appearance, the two had to expand the R.Riveter team from fifteen to thirty women to meet demands. Within that three year span, R.Riveter grew 1,273%. As impressive as that number is, that’s not what qualified as success to Lisa and Cameron. The success was that in that growth, more women received flexible and mobile jobs.  

Through trial and tribulation, the two maintained a go-getter attitude and a “won’t quit” work ethic. These became staples of the company culture. Lisa and Cameron demonstrated support for other women and built a strong community within their brand. It was a success in the eyes of Lisa and Cameron. To stand up for something, or someone, and bring vision into the lives of others. 

Lisa and Cameron’s vision was greater than to help themselves, it was about bringing others along and setting them up for success as well. The culture that they created, has allowed women to feel empowered in their journeys and that is the true success in this growing business.