How Do I Expand My Horizons?

Okay gal pals, let’s talk about expanding your horizons. We’ll explore what that means, why you’d even want to do that, and how to accomplish it. Ready?

We often hear the phrase “expand your horizons” tossed around, but to dig into how to do that, we need to know what it means. It is defined as seeing a wider range of opportunities or choices, to make more interesting or exciting, to seek out new experiences. So basically, it urges you to change it up from the rut you’ve been living in, and we think that’s a very good challenge. 

So why expand your horizons? We’re glad you’ve asked. First and most importantly, through your practice of doing this, you naturally educate yourself to new cultures, personalities, places, and ideas. By becoming immersed in a new place, you learn to see what used to be an unknown and possibly scary thing as more familiar. In expanding your horizons, you learn more about yourself. You see ways you react in new situations and can add to your running knowledge of who you are. We love self-discovery. Expanding your horizons also allows you to practice decision making skills and build confidence as you navigate the unknown. Although this practice can sound a bit daunting, in the long run you will grow from it all and be glad you took these steps. 

So you’re ready to expand your horizons, but how do you do that exactly? Let’s start slow. Pick up a new hobby that you’ve been interested in for a while but might be a bit intimidated by. There’s plenty of videos online if you get stuck or need inspiration for whatever it is that you’re doing. Another great way to expand your horizons without too much risk, is to pick up a book on a topic you’ve never thought to read about. Choose something out of your comfort zone and stick with it. Finally, when you’re ready to really jump into it, start traveling. Travel allows you to be completely surrounded by the unknown. Once you find your bearings, dive into the culture around you. Even if travels only take you to the park down the street, allow yourself to get lost in what is around you and to learn something about that space that you didn’t know before. 

You may be surprised how delightful it is to continue to expand your horizons. We hope you’ll take us along with you on your journeys because our handbags were designed with adventure and organization in mind.

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How Do I Expand My Horizons?