Honoring the U.S. Army’s 247th Birthday with our newly named Fatigue Collection!

First to fight for the right to build the nation’s might…And the Army goes rolling along!

 Happy 247th Birthday to the US Army

A very happy birthday and a big salute to the United States Army!

This year, we’re honoring all the brave souls who have served in the U.S. Army by renaming our Safari Green styles after the classic U.S. Army uniform, the Fatigue!

 Fatigue, A Signature color

And to celebrate the U.S. Army’s 247th birthday, we are relaunching the newly named Fatigue color as an honored part of the R. Riveter signature line. The classic, durable accessories in our signature line are available from season to season and include some of our most loved items.

Twelve score and seven years ago

On June 14th, 1775, Congress called upon six companies of expert riflemen to march and join together in Boston as the beginnings of the official U.S. Army. This group served in the challenging eight-year Revolutionary War against Great Britain. Founded more than a year before the Declaration of Independence was signed, the U.S. Army played a crucial role in the founding and growth of our nation, providing a strong symbol to rally behind for the patriots in the Thirteen Colonies.

During the Revolutionary War, the soldiers in the U.S. donned red and blue uniforms, and now in 2022, they wear the digitized Operational Camouflage Pattern. But, they’re perhaps best known for the traditional olive drab field uniforms first issued in 1902. Although, the signature green color wasn’t mandated for dress uniforms until 1961. 

Honoring a time worn tradition 

Our Fatigue fabric honors the popular olive drab field uniforms worn by so many brave soldiers. Just like fatigues were designed to last through all conditions, our durable, water-resistant canvas ensures that your R. Riveter bag, purse, or pouch will be with you for many years. 

The green is a bold-neutral that works for any season and provides an escape from city-living, reminding us of the tall trees and expansive plains nearby.

 The Dot, Otto and Williams in Signature Fatigue

Each R. Riveter accessory journeys across the fifty states before arriving on your doorstep. Military spouses across the nation craft individual components and ship them to the R. Riveter Fabshop. Our in-house team assembles each piece into a one-of-a-kind product crafted with love, honor, and pride in our country.

Shop the R. Riveter Fatigue Collection Now! 

Raise your hand in a salute!

Join us in celebrating the birth of the U.S. Army today with a big salute for the hard work, dedication, and sacrifice of each member of the Army family – from soldier to support personnel to spouse. We are grateful and humbled by your commitment.

 And help support the military spouses and families who are so integral to the process here at R. Riveter by shopping the newly named Fatigue color – now a forever part of our signature collection.

Proud of all we have done, fighting till the battle’s won…And the Army goes rolling along!










Honoring the U.S. Army’s 247th Birthday with our newly named Fatigue C