Honoring Purple heart Day

“Let it be known that he who wears the military order of the purple heart has given of his blood in the defense of his homeland and shall forever be revered by his fellow countryman,” wrote Washington in 1782, in the order that established the Badge of Military Merit.

Join us in honoring Purple Heart Day with our new Fig Clay Print Collection. 

This month, we honor the brave men and women who were wounded or lost their lives while serving our country.

In 2014, Purple Heart Day was established on August 7th as a day to remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for their dedication.

Today, we’re launching our new Fig Clay Print collection. This dusty purple canvas gives us a chance to remember their sacrifice every time we carry an R.Riveter accessory.

Purple Heart limited edition bag and pouch

The origin of the Purple Heart.

In 1782, General George Washington awarded the original Purple Hearts. Initially known as a Badge of Military Merit, the award was given to soldiers for “any singularly meritorious action.”

While this initial designation faded out of tradition in the armed forces, it was revived and relaunched in 1932 as the Purple Heart to honor the bicentennial of George Washington’s birthday. General Douglas MacArthur received the first modern Purple Heart for his service during World War II. 

The color purple is traditionally viewed as a representation of the bravery of those who serve. The original Badge of Military Merits were purple in color and the modern Purple Heart honors George Washington’s memory by continuing his chosen hue.

A few remarkable Purple Heart stories.

The first woman to receive a Purple Heart was Army Lt. Annie G. Fox. Fox served as the chief nurse at Hickam Field in Hawaii during the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 and was honored for her extraordinary meritorious actions during the chaos.

John F. Kennedy is the only United States president awarded a Purple Heart. Kennedy served in the Navy during World War II and was injured when an enemy destroyer collided with his patrol torpedo boat. Despite his injuries, he towed a badly burned crew member to safety – swimming for three miles to shore with the man’s life jacket strap clenched in his teeth.    

Curry T. Haynes, who served in the Army during the Vietnam War, received the largest number of Purple Hearts ever given to a single service member. He received 9 Purple Hearts – one for each wound he received in an assault.

Over 1.8 million Purple Hearts have been awarded since its creation. We’re incredibly grateful for each and every one of the sacrifices made by the honored individuals.


Our new collection honors every Purple Heart.

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In honor of Purple Heart Day, we’re launching our new Fig Clay Print collection. This dusty purple fabric honors the bravery of Purple Heart recipients. And gives us a chance to remember their sacrifice every time we carry a bag, purse, or pouch. Shop it here.

The mud cloth inspired Fig fabric is durable canvas that ensures you can carry your R. Riveter accessory for a long time, through many phases of life.

With every R. Riveter purchase, you help support military spouses and families. Each R. Riveter accessory journeys across the fifty states before arriving on your doorstep. Military spouses across the nation craft individual components and ship them to our Fabshop. Our in-house team then assembles each piece into a one-of-a-kind product crafted with love, honor, and pride in our country.

Please join us in remembering, honoring, and thanking each Purple Heart recipient for their bravery, sacrifice, and dedication to our country!