From Dusk 'til Dawn: R.Riveter Fall + Winter 2018

What comes to mind when you think of Fall?
For us, the season brings a sense of community - gathering in the crisp air to enjoy the last few months before cold winter hits.

From spending hours in apple orchards to long walks crunching through the leaves, each year in the autumn, we find ourselves making a few extra minutes to linger outdoors and coming together to enjoy friends.

The color palette for R.Riveter's Fall | Winter 2018 Collection was inspired by the sights, as well as the feelings invoked by this transitional season. 

Our Fall colors, Misty 'Morn, Autumn Maple, and French Roast remind us that the dusky shades of fall bring a warmth to the seasonal chill that is beginning to settle.


There's something awe-inspiring about the cool, misty light that fills the sky just moments before sunrise. Misty Morn embodies the sense of transition that occurs as days become shorter. At R.Riveter's home in North Carolina, the beams of light that shine through the pines are welcomed after the darkness of night. 
The changing of seasons brings on a surge of self-reflection to some, as they look back fondly on the moments that filled the warm summer months and look forward to the next season’s memories. 
French Roast calls to mind the peaceful serenity before a busy day. 

Welcoming the crisp season with a warm cup of coffee, there’s a feeling of warmth and tranquility in the early hours of the morning. A sense of calmness fills the air before the business of the day beckons to us.


There’s a simple pleasure in walking through the shaded woods in the fall.  Leaves with bursts of gold and amber, peppered with chestnut hues crunch
 underfoot with each leisurely step taken.

These last few moments of summer, a serene feeling of nostalgia hangs in the air as we gather to experience the magic of the journey as one season fades to the next. Just as the leaves begin to fall and the last of the summer flowers burst with color, crisp air creeps in, welcoming the change on the horizon.

We really wanted to capture the essence of the season by acknowledging the beautiful burst of colors found in fall foliage.

In nature, autumn is synonymous with a season full of 
preparations before cold winter months. The warm, rich hue of the leather in this collection's newest Naomi zipper clutch is reminiscent of the provisions traditionally gathered during this time.