We're Headed West - Join us?


Drawing on the untamed beauty of Montana this season at R. Riveter

 Lisa - co-founder

This season, we’re taking a trip to the wild and free plains of the west. We’re saddling up our horses and taking off toward the steep peaks; we’re reveling in the wind whipping in our hair as we ride off into the saturated sunsets.


We’re inspired by distant mountain peaks, pink and purple-tinged sunsets, the deep shade of Evergreens, and the wind-rustled plains.


We’re feeling wild and free

This season we’re exploring what it means to feel wild and free, how it feels to be wrapped up in a ditsy floral or a cozy plaid, what it's like to be surrounded by untamed nature and the fullness of life, and we’re living vicariously through R. Riveter co-founder Lisa Bradley who grew up surrounded by the deep beauty of Montana.

Lisa and her family 

About her time nestled between the great plains and the tall mountain peaks, Lisa writes that the people of the west “are the hardest working, most resilient, and self-aware people” that she’s ever come across. The small size of her town and the remoteness of their location really allowed her to connect more deeply with her community and the natural beauty around her.

Lisa could never get enough of the stunning mountain vistas and the wild freestone rivers and streams, and the amazingly powerful and beautiful storms that would roll through the mountains still stick with her today. She remembers being surrounded by the wild wind rippling the water of the lake and the lightning and thunder so loud it shook the house, the speed of the storms reminding her just how fragile humans really are in comparison to nature.

Her time in Montana also shaped her into the entrepreneur she is today. She learned self-reliance and tenacity in the face of whatever problem may arise – key traits for a successful entrepreneur. When faced with the obstacle of a fragmented resume and frequent moves due to her spouse’s unpredictable military schedule, Lisa knew that she had the grit and resilience to build a career that she could love and nurture.

Lisa says that

“Every time I visit home, I’m reminded to unplug and live purposefully” – the beauty of Montana is much more intriguing than anything on social media. Our wild and free theme this season is supposed to evoke just that – reveling in the fullness of living just for the sake of living. Lisa calls this the “spirit of Montana.”

While it may look a little different to everyone, we hope you’ll join us as we explore the untamable, amazing, awe-inspiring feeling of being wild and free.

What to look forward to this season

New patterns and prints – We are debuting a color palette rich with natural hues like Snowcap, Ember glow, Amber, Hyacinth, and Cornflower. Our new prints include a stunning, blue Poppy Field floral, a rich Tobacco plaid, and a bright, sunny Sunset Breeze.

Breast cancer awareness – We are honoring those who have trail-blazed through treatment and remembering those who lost their battles. Honoring these stories and sharing resources to help identify early, treat and find the cure. 

Our new Maker Series – Say "hello" to our new special edition from military spouse and artist Jennifer Geletzke. This beautiful print was inspired by the stunning mountain ranges on Oahu. 

New Nylon fabrication – Inspired by the iconic bomber jacket, we’re adding water-resistant nylon in Khaki, Fatigue, and Black to our fabric line-up.


Wild and free and the military spouse

With the ever-present stress and change present in the life of a military spouse, sometimes obtaining that amazing wild and free feeling seems impossible. 

By supporting R. Riveter, you’re supporting military spouses across the country. And when these women and men feel supported, they too can find that wild and free feeling we all so desperately need.

Join in on the R. Riveter mission, and explore this season’s wild and free collection today.