Emerge with a Better Handbag

As the weather warms, we find ourselves more motivated, excited, and hopeful for what the season will bring. It is important to keep our focus on our goals as we regain a bit of energy and find a new Spring routine. Our larger theme of transition this season contains three smaller steps: serenity, emerge, and transform. 

Whether your transition is related to starting a new role in work or in life, dealing with some hard changes or loss, moving homes, or feeling ready to leave complacency behind—there’s a whole group of women at R.Riveter who know what you’re going through. Finding ways to be grounded is important for feeling confident to step out and create a new way of being. Serenity taught us to find peace in the details. 

The first half of our Emerge Collection taught us to be bold, bright, and unique. To take a risk in self-expression. Like the first half of Emerge, our latest print inspires a sophisticated change. The mix of cool and warm tones allow you to take the lead with the way you wear this bag and to feel empowered in your own skin. 

We hope to continue to inspire your risk taking and remind you that it is okay to feel a bit out of your comfort zone when making a transition. Lean into the feelings you have and share them with those around you who support you. You can do it. You are strong. Don’t forget to remind yourself of that.  

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