Celebrating R.Riveter's 10th Anniversary

Doing anything for 10 years is a pretty big deal. In one decade, R.Riveter has grown from a hopeful dream of finding a solution for mobile work into a nationwide community of women who support, encourage, and rally behind one another with a new form of manufacturing goods. Founders, Lisa and Cameron, are military spouses that saw a desperate need for spouses like them to have a form of work that worked for their ever-changing lifestyle. They put their heads together, charged a few credit cards, and soon R.Riveter was taking off. The inspiring mission and innovation of the manufacturing model excited and moved customers to become life-long fans of our handbags. Carrying an R.Riveter handbag means carrying the stories of each woman who worked on the piece. It’s a special and unique connection we love getting to share year after year.  

Cameron recalls the first time she realized this dream of theirs was really going to take off saying, “I learned quickly from Lisa that in order to make a sale I was going to have to engage. I was inspired by her tenacity and her ability to put herself out there—talking to people without hesitation as we put our passion on display at local and regional craft shows. I was filled with anxiety and felt incredibly vulnerable, but the first time I could muster the words—’Hi, have you ever heard of R. Riveter?’ I could feel my heart in my throat (obviously they hadn’t heard of us, we were barely 3 weeks old at that point). They stared back at me with a glazed and uninterested expression. As the words of our mission rolled off my tongue and subsequently, the light that turned on in their eyes I knew we had something special.” 


To celebrate 10 years in the biz, we’ve interviewed some of our longest-employed team members to see what their years with R.Riveter have meant to them.   


How long have you been with R.Riveter? 

Stacy: 5 amazing years 

Tara: 1 year and 9 months 

Cheryl: 8 years 

Elizabeth: 2 years 

Jocelyn: I have been with R. Riveter since January of 2014 


How would you describe your job/duties/what you do daily at R.Riveter? 

Stacy: Sharing the R.Riveter mission with our customers, community, and business partners. 

Tara: My job at R.Riveter is working at the brick and mortar in downtown Southern Pines. I make sure the store is stocked and looking it’s best so when customers come in, they have a hands-on and face-to-face experience that they will always remember.  

Cheryl: I’m the “go to gal.”  I’m the office manager, but I’ve been with the company for so long I always tell people if I can’t answer your question, I can direct you to the person that can.  I do the books and manage the ERP and platforms integrations amongst many other duties. 

Elizabeth: Oversee the financials of the company providing metrics for improved processes, and work to improve the overall team dynamics through individual self-awareness. 

Jocelyn: I am the Remote Riveter Production Manager, guiding the Riveters through their work process and commitments. I also work with vendors daily regarding any raw material needs. 


Are you military affiliated? 

Stacy: Yes, my husband recently retired from the military after 23 years of service. 

Tara: I’m a military spouse. 

Cheryl: Yes, army milspouse of 17+ years. 

Elizabeth: Yes, my husband is active duty in the Air Force. 

Jocelyn: Yes, I am a military spouse and was raised in a military family. 


What is your favorite memory of Lisa / Cameron? 

Stacy: Lisa and Cameron securing a deal with Mark Cuban on Shark Tank. They did an amazing job representing the military spouse community.  

Tara: (Cameron): At the 2019 Moore county best of, when she realized we beat beer making.  

Cheryl: (Lisa): When we actually met in person for the first time after working together remotely for several years, she was shocked at how tall I was because she had seen pictures of me with my 6’3” husband and thought I was short.  Also, her chicken raising shenanigan stories. (Cameron): I always enjoyed the Dahlonega days pulling into her driveway to pick up bags for QC and shipping and having a chance to chat with her and see her son running around playing outside with his toys. 

Elizabeth: (Lisa): Sitting on the deck of the Key West rental planning out a Florida production process. Her enthusiasm for the project got her entrepreneur heart pumping! (Cameron): Having dinner on her back porch eating steak and talking about her vision for R.Riveter. Her passion and love were contagious. 
Jocelyn: (Lisa): I have many memories that come to mind. We have not had the opportunity to meet in-person, but our virtual calls are filled with laughter and children (and work of course *wink*). We both enjoy finding innovative ways to approach tasks and solve problems within our daily work. (Cameron): Cameron was my mentor as a Leather Riveter, she taught me many things and was always up for chatting about new ways and possibilities. My favorite memory with her would have to be the day she offered me a Remote Riveter contract. That day changed my life in so many ways. I am so grateful for the opportunity I was given. 


Do you recall your first day at R.Riveter? 

Stacy: Absolutely! August 5th, 2015. So excited to join the team. 

Tara: I do! I was so nervous to start but honestly it was like seeing old friends you haven’t seen in forever! I was so nervous to learn all the products and the marketplace items but whenever I had a question or didn’t have an answer for a customer someone was more than happy to help!  

Cheryl: I started at the Dahlonega location and went to the garage where it all got started to train for QC and shipping. 

Elizabeth:   It was very different than my past experience to come in as a Director of Finance while working completely remote.  However, everyone was welcoming and didn't skip a beat working in such a unique, remote fashion. 

Jocelyn: Of course, I drove to Cameron’s house where the shop was in her garage. I signed my contract, picked up the supplies I needed to start work, walked through a few different leather tips and was on my way with my first commitment. 


What motivates you to keep working at R.Riveter? 

Stacy: The mission. I love seeing how it has encouraged other military spouse entrepreneurs to follow their dreams.  

Tara: That’s easy—the mission. The empowerment of it.  

Cheryl:  The mission.  My heart has been in it from day 1. 

Elizabeth: The passion of the people I work with. 

Jocelyn: The mission behind the company and the relationships we have all built throughout the company.   


What words best describe R.Riveter? 

Stacy: Strong. Innovative. Driven. 

Tara: Uplifting, empowering. 

Cheryl: Determined, dedicated, forceful. 

Elizabeth: Tenacious visionaries. 

Jocelyn: Unity. Inspire. Empower.