Celebrate Rosie the Riveter Day with our new collection!

It’s our favorite day of the year! 
Join us as we celebrate Rosie the Riveter Day this March 21st. 
As our namesake and the inspiration behind the brand, Rosie the Riveter Day always inspires us to reflect on how far we’ve come…as a brand, as women, as a nation.  
It reminds us just how far a little hard work and dedication can go.  
And this year, we’re launching a new collection to celebrate our special day. We’re giving a new look to three iconic R.Riveter accessories, and it's all inspired by Rosie the Riveter’s classic denim jumpsuit and red scarf.  
How denim became a symbol of American pride 
While the origins of denim date back to Italy in the 1500s, the classic fabric is now an icon in the American fashion industry. The denim we all know and love today originated in 1860 when Levi Strauss & Co. created work pants out of the fabric.  
The sturdy fabric became a staple of farm and industrial wear from the 1800s through the mid-1900s. And during World War II, denim was often used as a substitute when other fabrics were needed for the war effort — including everything from grocery bags to uniforms.  
And when Norman Rockwell painted the first Rosie the Riveter image in 1943, she, too, was clad in a denim jumpsuit, red socks peeking out of her trousers and white wartime buttons across her lapels. With the red, white, and blue colors of her outfit, the image created an undeniable tie between denim and American pride.  
Say hello to our new Rosie the Riveter Day collection 
Here at R.Riveter, it’s no surprise that we’ve claimed Rosie the Riveter Day as one of our favorite holidays. Every March 21st, we celebrate our namesake and what she represents — pride, honor, and commitment. 
And this year is no different. To celebrate, we’re launching a new collection inspired by Rosie’s iconic denim jumpsuit and red scarf. The new accessories feature dark-wash, 100% cotton premium denim made in the USA at Vidalia Mills  
As a nod to Rosie’s hair scarf — as featured in the widely recognized Rosie the Riveter “We Can Do It” painting by J. Howard Miller — our new purses include a red and white chiffon bandana jauntily tied to one strap.  
Say hello to our Rosie the Riveter Day collection:  
The Hopper Sling Bag 
A bestseller here at R.Riveter, we’re debuting a new Hopper Sling Bag in sturdy denim. This bag is ready for the wear and tear of wherever life takes you, and its red and blue cross-body strap means you can go hands-free. Compact but roomy enough for daily essentials, the hopper is the go-to adventure bag that won’t weigh you down.   
Our new Rosie the Riveter Hopper bag comes with a red scarf with a funky white floral pattern tied to the strap so you, too, can rep red, white, and blue everyday.  
The Otto Carryall 
Our most popular bag is getting a new look! The Rosie the Riveter Otto Carryall is made of iconic rugged denim inspired by Rosie’s jumpsuit and brown leather just like her work boots, creating a long-lasting bag you can carry for years. With two exterior and three interior pockets, the Otto keeps you organized and ready for every adventure.  
The new Rosie the Riveter Otto Carryall includes an adjustable leather strap so you can customize how you carry your bag. And the bright red scarf serves as a good reminder of what Rosie stands for — hope and optimism.  
The 044 Zipper Pouch 
Small but mighty, our 044 zipper pouch now comes in dark-wash denim! This new accessory includes gold hardware and red topstitching — a subtle nod to Rosie’s head scarf. Use this pouch to organize your tech, cosmetics, or other small items.  
Happy Rosie the Riveter Day! 
Join us in celebrating, and shop the new collection today.