Cameron Cruse explains RV life with PCSGrades

Part of being a part of a military family means experiencing frequent moves. Our Co-Founder, who happens to be a military spouse, Cameron Cruse, is currently in the middle of a move of her own. Her husband, two kids, and herself are currently living in an RV as they make their move from North Carolina to Texas. This is not an uncommon occurrence in the military community. What makes this RV more incredible is that Cruse is able to continue to run her business without skipping a beat. (See her desk pictured below.) 


We know how difficult a move can be mentally and financially, so Cameron has joined as a judge in PCSGrades’ giveaway to win a full-service PCS move or other gift card prizes.  


Click here to make an entry of your own. The giveaway ends August 31st.  


To hear more about Cameron’s move and current living situation, click here to watch PCSGrades and Cameron discuss it live on Facebook.