Brand Ambassador Spotlight: My Milestone Year by Autumn W.

It is literally taking everything in me right now to sit here and be still. As a new mother to a dashing 5 month old baby boy life doesn’t hand out many of these moments. I’ve found you have to be intentional and strategic about finding ways to steal away time for yourself. So here I am sitting next to the fireplace in complete SILENCE (yes, can you believe it?!) reflecting on this whirlwind of a year that has left me feeling overwhelming grateful.

It all started last October when I found out 2 weeks before my husband deployed with the Air Force that I was pregnant. We hadn’t been trying for very long but somehow I had a peace that it would happen, and that I would be living alone without him for the majority of it. Looking back that 7 months apart seriously flew right by in a flash. But back then everything was raw and time stood still in the days and weeks after he left. My hormones and the holidays were in full swing and I went about making them as festive as my tired self allowed. Which pretty much consisted of a tiny artificial tree that sat atop a chest by the window. Because you gotta give yourself grace, right?! January rolled right around and it didn’t feel any closer to May. The snow was falling outside our tiny little PNW apartment and I started daydreaming about what it would be like to have our own space. Like where you didn’t share walls with chain smokers or hike up 3 flights of stairs to get to the tiny little space you overpay for. I mean how incredible would it be to jump on the floor and crank up the bass on your surround sound system without a care in the world?! In the 9 years of our marriage we’ve always rented little spaces like this. But with a baby on the way and big changes ahead I knew we needed something better. Our very own HOME.

I prayed hard. Owning a house just seemed too good to be true. But again that peace settled in and I went about finding a team to help me through this intimidating process. The thought of having our own space motivated me every single day to do the painstakingly tedious process of searching. But God brought me right to the most incredible team of people who not only gave me tremendous wisdom during the entire process but became family. Even our lender was a long time buddy of my husband back in his Army days! Let me tell you that God planed every step of the way and gave me strength to walk every one despite the fears and emotional run arounds that came with the home buying process. We started our search in January and closed on the cutest single story home in April! Just in the nick of time before baby’s arrival in July and my husband’s homecoming in May! Now the part I dreaded most of all. Moving out of our apartment on the 3rd floor without my husband, 6 months pregnant. I was terrified. What if I couldn’t get anyone to help? I didn’t want to beg but I was seriously desperate for help. For the thousandth time I found myself at God’s mercy and waited for Him to show up and do something amazing. And. He. Did.

Not only did the help show up but everyone got me moved out and into the new place in less than 3 hours! A fury of bodies and boxes and a dozen strong guys and we were done. I am forever grateful for the family and friends who helped this petite pregnant lady in a time of need. Now to hurry up and wait for Derek’s homecoming.

Flash forward to May and I’m sitting in the cell phone waiting lot at the airport awaiting the pick up call from my guy! I’ll never forget his reactions when he walked into our HOUSE for the first time and just stood there in amazement. We were together and we were home.

I swear life just moved at an outrageous pace as we tried adjusting to all the new changes and the  pending arrival of our son. July 1st came and our hospital bags were packed. Nothing prepared us for the long labor and short NICU stay after he was born on the 6th, but the joy we experienced when we brought him home for the first time was unforgettable. And here we are 5 months later with our Charley in our new home celebrating the holidays TOGETHER. The dust is still settling but our hearts are full. Thanking God for the many moments and ways He has taken care of us in 2017 and for the new adventures and stories I’ll get to share in 2018. And maybe more mommy time and quiet moments like this? A girl can dream.


Brand Ambassador Spotlight: My Milestone Year by Autumn W.