Brand Ambassador Spotlight: My Go To On-The-Go Accessory by Tiffany H.

Everyone has that accessory they grab almost without thinking. For me, the R.Riveter Wristlet has become just that. I want to introduce you to newest my go to on-the-go accessory! From family fun day, business events, holiday parties the R.Riveter Wristlet does it all!

The Bigger The Better

Since having my Kiddies I have become that girl. You know. The big bag kinda girl. I need to carry everything for everyone and that means the bigger the bag the better. That's where my Otto comes in on. Still sometimes a girl just wants to look well - cute.

Get My Cute On

I'm still a girly-girl and there are times when I want to be cute, dainty and compact. The R.Riveter Wristlet fills this need perfectly. Small enough to carry on a date night, errand run or to the latest Holiday party but functional enough to keep whatever I need from lipsticks and business cards to sanitizer and keys. 

Had To Have it

I grabbed up my camel wristlet on my very first visit to the R.Riveter Flagship Store in Southern Pines. I was super excited to see the store where it all started. I had to have it. After walking around and trying on several different colors I settled on the camel. It's the perfect neutral and goes with anything. *Plus now I have an excuse to go back for the other colors.


The R.Riveter Wristlet is the first thing I grab when I know I have a day of family fun at the arcade, movies, shopping or simply running errands. 

This Size Fits All

Now remember when I said the bigger the better? Well don't let this little bag mislead you. I could hardly believe it when I first switched over. This big bag girl was beyond surprised to say: it all fits! 

Go To

See that?!? That's no ordinary wristlet!! That's why the R.Riveter Wristlet has become my go to on-the-go accessory. It fits all I need while I stay cute and stylish at the same time.

Now that I've told you about the awesomeness don't forget to check out those other amazing colors I told you about SHOP HERE