Brand Ambassador Spotlight: What American Made Means To Me by Emilee M.

What American Made Means To Me

I am the daughter of a seamstress; the granddaughter of a baker. Our family has a strong legacy of creating with our hands. We know the process that makes something taste so good, fit like a glove, or last for generations because our blood is thick with the legacy of artisans.

Growing up around this mindset resulted in me graduating with a degree in clothing and textile design. I love the feel of quality fabric, the look of beautiful stitching, and the transformation of nothing to something breathtaking.

Fashion that means something has always been at the forefront of my mind. That being said, I think we can all agree that in today’s world, it’s hard to break the cycle of disposable fashion (or disposable anything, really).

Perhaps this is why R. Riveter stood out to me when I first saw them on Shark Tank. I loved that they had bags made from repurposed military materials and products assembled by the spouses of military families—hard working American women.

They are truly a brand on a mission. And the products speak for themselves.

When I first got my bag in the mail I was a little worried that the online/TV quality wasn’t going to translate, but I was not disappointed. The brass details, leather, and canvas were all signs of a bag well made. And to be perfectly honest, I’ve used my Otto every day since I unboxed it.

It’s the perfect bag for taking to the office, going out with friends, and I even took it as a carry-on during my last backpacking trip to Morocco, Spain, England and Iceland.

With each of these bag you can feel the authenticity, you can see that it’s intentional; they are built to stand the test of time. Of course there are other products floating around in this space, but what is their purpose? Why are they being made?

The R.Riveter brand stands for something more. It’s not only building products, but lives. As an artist, the intentionality of R. Riveter’s products speaks to my mind. As a woman, and as an American, the products speak to something so much more.

2017 showed us the importance of building up and supporting each other, and the community that R. Riveter is building, one bag at a time, is such a unique and beautiful way of speaking to that.

As an ambassador, I’m able to show my support for this brand in such a unique and beautiful way. And the community that I’ve gained by doing so has added so much to my life.

While not directly being a military spouse, I have a long line of men and women in my family who have served, and are currently serving in the Army, Navy and National Guard.

Supporting this legacy of almost 50 years, and the current dedication and sacrifice of my family members, ties me to R. Riveter in a very personal way. American made, to me, means supporting a national community when we need it the most—and it starts from the sewing machines of military spouses.