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I have always considered myself a lover of handbags - a purse connoisseur, if you will. But I had no idea what a bag was capable of until I got my hands on the Otto after seeing R.Riveter on Shark Tank.

While I could easily list a million reasons why I love my R.Riveter handbags, I've pulled together the Top 5 Reasons My Otto Goes Everywhere with Me.


1. It can be dressed up or dressed down.
Because of the long crossbody strap, the Otto can be a casual, everyday bag that goes with you to the grocery, carpool, work, the gym-and everywhere in between. It can carry kids’ things, a wallet, a small zipper pouch with the make-up essentials, water bottles and snacks - the whole nine! When you're looking to dress up, the two handles turn the Otto into a functional, yet classy date night handbag. When I wear it on my arm, it elevates any outfit, and becomes a great conversation piece at events! Dress it down or dress it up - the Otto will shine during any occasion.
2. The pockets!!!
Who hasn’t thought at some point - “I need more hands!”? Well, the pockets in the Otto act as your extra hands! With TWO outside pockets for the ever-present cell phone, lip gloss, or car keys, this bag keeps all your essentials within easy access. Did I mention it has a giant zipper pocket and TWO other pockets inside as well!? You can literally store All. Of. The. Things.
3. Made to last.
The durable canvas makes this bag easy to take everywhere! Throw it in the car, in the cart at the grocery, on the ground at the pool, in your desk at work - and it still looks brand new! I have had my first Otto for about a year and it still looks and feels like I pulled it from the box yesterday. THAT is the kind of quality to look for in a handbag.
4. Safe & Sound.
The top zipper keeps everything in your bag safe, and the interior zipper pocket adds an extra layer of security for valuables. No matter where I am, I keep my wallet in the inside zipper pocket of my Otto to ensure everything is secure and safe while I am out and about running errands or traveling.
5. Versatile.
The Otto’s crossbody capabilities leave your hands free for everything life throws at you! Leaving 2 hands free and not worrying about my bag falling off my shoulder, I can be my masterful, multi-tasking self. 

    In case you didn’t get the gist, the Otto is my dream bag. I carry it proudly everywhere I go - not only because I love the style, functionality and versatility of the bag, but also because I love to share the important mission that R. Riveter is on - creating solutions to military spouse unemployment, and empowering women along the way!


    -Brand Ambassador Erica Gough is an Ohio native currently living in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where her husband is stationed at Ft. Carson. She loves to be outside in the sun with her friends, and is a self-identified shopaholic. She loves handbags, cute clothes, and fun accessories! Erica volunteers with the USO Colorado Springs and Hire Heroes USA, and she proudly wears the title of #empoweredlady and #strongmilitaryspouse.