All About R.Riveter's Brand Ambassador of the Month, Melissa W.

Hi! I’m Melissa, a tropically-rooted Pacific Northwesterner. Coming from a Navy family, I rebelled and married a soldier (Go Army!) right after college. We are raising a little boy and our beagle in the very first home we bought after making the transition back to civilian life. I work as the Operations Director for Integrity Roofing, volunteer with veteran organizations that help families in our community and am active in the political scene aiming to find female candidates to serve on a local level.  I am a huge fan of the Mariners, comedy podcasts, and makeup/skincare. I’m always awaiting the next adventure, but finding joy in the journey.

Why did you want to be an R.Riveter Brand Ambassador?

I have toted the brand since I purchased my first R. Riveter bag about a year and a half ago.  However, I have worn its mission for much longer as a military spouse.  What being an ambassador meant to me was an opportunity to lend my voice to a brand that has so many stories to tell.  The chance to share my memories of our time in the Army as well as how we have moved forward since then.  Perhaps a way to connect with someone who may be able to relate on some level, someone who will find strength and meaning in a handmade bag full of other histories.

What is your favorite R.Riveter bag?

Corbin, for sure! I love its sleek design using the signature leather and canvas combo. It’s super versatile for any lifestyle. 

5 Fun Facts about you

1. I am fascinated by names, how they’re chosen and the stories behind them. I love helping name babies and giving personalized gifts. 

2. If I have to pick one music genre, 60s/70s soul is my favorite. Big hair don’t care. 

3. My dream job would be to run a campaign for a real-life Leslie Knope. An honest woman who fiercely advocates for her community, challenges archaic “norms” and loves waffles.

4. I interned for the Seattle Mariners and NBC News in matter of a year. It was the Busiest, most-fulfilling year of my college career. I’ve been able to carry the sales and writing skills I learned from both jobs into my career today..

5. My second home is Maui, HI. I grew up visiting every year and have enjoyed getting to return with my guys in tow! 

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