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All About R.Riveter's Brand Ambassador of the Month, Mary


Why did you want to be an R.Riveter Brand Ambassador?

I have been a fan and customer of R. Riveter for a few years now and was so excited to hear of their brand ambassador program starting at the beginning of this last year. I wanted to be part of such a wonderful movement, such a beautiful mission and was over the moon at the chance to apply. Both of my parents were in the Air Force, and my husband is a Navy veteran. Growing up in a military family has always been something so near and dear to my heart, and this wonderful brand has a way of capturing the love, community, and care of that life. Sharing my love for such a wonderful company seemed like the perfect fit!



What is your Favorite R.Riveter handbag?

My favorite bag is the Otto and black canvas and brown leather. It goes with absolutely everything and is the perfect everyday bag for my capsule wardrobe. The size is perfect for just about anything, date night out with my husband or toting around with my kids at the park. Heck, I've even used it as my gym bag in a pinch!




Fun Facts about Mary:

I share the name, Mary Rose, with one of King Henry VIII's ships. When I visited Portsmith as a kid, I was able to visit the shipwreck and stocked up on goodies with my name all over!

My husband and I were set up on a blind date for Valentine's Day 7 years ago... We were married on Valentine's Day too!

I love biscotti. I mean love it. I could sit and eat an entire batch in any flavor every day.

I'm a capsule wardrob-er and love it. 

My dream car is a 1970s Ford Bronco, jet black.

I love gardening, but my green thumb hasn't arrived yet.

I proposed to my husband.