Hi! I’m Kimberly Herrera, the creator of Bearerra Heirlooms & Keepsakes. I’m an Air Force veteran and spouse with two kids, Frank & Bear. I’ve been a sewist for about 11 years and I just opened Bearerra in late 2020 when I saw many people, including military families and frontline workers, having a hard time coping with overextended deployments, social distancing and losing loved ones. 

I made my first bear in 2017 for my husband when he left to Korea for a year & was reminded of how much comfort it brought him while he was away from us. Wanting to bless others, I began offering to make deployment bears and that eventually led to bears for every occasion. My keepsake heirloom bears are also great gifts for retirements, births, and graduations!

I hope each and every item created in my shop offers comfort, reduces the ache of being separated or losing someone you love, and reflects the time, attention and love I put into creating it.  

By having loved ones clothing and uniforms transformed & re-loving them into something new, we are helping not only to take memories of our past into our futures, keeping in touch with where we come from & what we believe in but we are also looking after the world by reducing our waste and repurposing these loved fabrics. Each piece is hand created individually from textiles that are unique and meaningful in themselves, meaning that everything by Bearerra is truly one of a kind and filled with memories!