All About the Ada

Ada Lovelace—She Had a Vision for the Future of Technology 

Ada Lovelace was a mathematics wiz at a young age. Growing up she was ill quite often but despite her illnesses, she focused on her studies. 

By the tender age of 17, she was working alongside incredible scientists and intellectuals. (Talk about intimidating.) The work she would become known for began when she started to translate mathematician Luigi Menabrea’s article covering a new proposed Analytical Engine from Italian to English. This woman was impressive. As she translated, she added notes of her own which described a method for calculating an algorithm, or in other terms, she basically was first to write the code for computer programming. Not to mention she did this in 1843.  

She was a visionary who realized Analytical Engines were capable of much more than just number crunching, but had the possibility to carry out other functions planned in advance (hello modern day technology!) Without her out-of-the-box thinking and dreaming, we might still be using computers solely to crunch numbers.  

The Ada is the ultimate day-tripper – this bag is ready for work or pleasure. A Roomy interior clad with 2 interior slip pockets and one zipper pockets means you can pack it full but keep those essentials right where you need them when you need them. The brass, luxury zipper closure secures the main compartment. Our classic black and natural stripe liner keeps the inside of the Ada feeling as chic as the woman who carries it. The front exterior zipper pocket spans the entire width of the bag and includes a smaller interior slip pocket for additional organization.  


The 18 oz cotton canvas, boosting a water-resistant finish, is paired with full grain leather base and trim, finished on all sides, and topped off with brass hardware for a refined, authentic experience. The leather base with brass feet keeps your bag upright and off the ground. 


The Ada comes equipped with 2 shoulder straps for a close to the body carry and a detachable and adjustable (1 inch) matching leather crossbody strap – for hands free when those day adventures call for it.