All About R.Riveter's Brand Ambassador of the Month, Autumn W.

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

Hi! My name is Autumn, and I hail from the great Pacific Northwest in Washington State. I am a wife to a soldier who is now an airman. I have been able to experience life in both branches, and am proud to be a part of such a resilient community. I am a first time mommy, avid Instagrammer, and adventure photographer. I used to live on the Oregon coast in Cannon Beach, where I first found my inspiration to pursue photography. I'll always say yes to a road trip, a new houseplant, and a good nap. My iPod is filled with all genres of music from Billie Holiday to Bhangra. You will find me either in the garden, taking photos, or on the floor playing with our 1 year old son and adorable French Bulldog named Colonel. I seek to inspire others with my transparency, faith, and creativity.

Why did you want to be an R.Riveter Brand Ambassador?

I remember watching R.Riveter's debut on Shark Tank a few years back. Their mission really spoke to me. As a military spouse, I know firsthand the struggle that is unique to the military family. The frequent deployments, PCS's, and transient nature that accompanies the lifestyle. The fact that two Army wives met, had a shared vision, and wanted to invite other military spouses to partner in the business was nothing short of inspiring. I was scrolling through Instagram one day and saw an ad that they were looking for Brand Ambassadors and I immediately jumped to apply. It is an absolute joy to wear these bags, spread the mission, and show my pride as I support fellow military spouses.

What is your favorite R.Riveter bag?

I never realized how much I would love the Hobby! The pockets are so easy to access, and the snap button makes opening it a breeze. When you're juggling a baby, the car keys, and everything else, you don't need another obstacle getting in your way. It's the perfect companion on all of your motherhood adventures.

5 fun facts about you:

  • I used to be a mental health counselor, and worked with kids aged 8-18 in a locked facility. We helped them recover from addiction, and different forms of abuse. It was a privilege to step into someone's life like that, and help them on the road to recovery. I learned so much about myself through that experience. 

  • My work was recently published in Legacy Magazine's latest volume!

  • I am a first time homeowner, and recently joined the HOA board to help improve our community. 

  • My dog has more Instagram followers than I do! It's easy to see why though. @colonelthefrenchie

  • I am a singer and can play piano by ear. I used to perform, and compete in local music competitions. It would be a dream to try out for America's Got Talent one day.

Where you can find Autumn:
Instagram: ChangingSeason