A Memorial Day Message From Our Co-Founder

Memorial Day is a holiday that means something a little different to everyone.  For many, it’s simply the long weekend to kick off summer that everyone looks forward to, making memories with family and friends, grilling and splashing in pools. For others, there is deeper meaning.

For my husband who served right alongside men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice, this holiday is a much different experience. He sees their faces, brave souls who laid down their lives for this great nation. He feels for their families, who live each day missing their spouse or parent. When people thank my husband for his service on Memorial Day, I see a flash of guilt on his face - this day isn’t about him or his service, it’s about those who didn’t come home.

I’ve often asked my husband what made him want to go into the military. September 11th, 2001 proved to be a day that had a lasting effect on him; after such devastation, he wanted to do his part. He wanted to ensure that his children would have the freedom to enjoy their childhood like we did, with family and friends, outdoor BBQs and running through sprinklers. Like so many other service members, he signed up to serve his country so that his kids would always have the freedom to enjoy holidays like Memorial Day.

Whatever way you choose to celebrate this Memorial Day - be sure to take time to pause and remember the heroes who bravely sacrificed their lives for this great nation. Enjoy time with your loved ones in this unofficial kickoff to summer, honoring those who make our freedoms possible. We are so blessed to live in this land of the free, because of the brave. 

- Lisa Bradley
Co-Founder + Co-CEO