A Father's Day Q&A with Co-Founder Lisa Bradley's Husband

We asked our Co-Founder, Lisa Bradley, to ask her husband some questions about fatherhood and what it means to him. Read through his answers to gain some valuable insight on what really matters and have a few laughs too! 


In one word, describe fatherhood: 

Jason: fulfilling


What was the most surprising thing about becoming a parent? 

Jason: It's amazing how you can work day in and day out to make the best life for your children and family--providing as much joy, comfort, and support as possible in every way, but it's the small things that mean the most.  A while back we took a week long vacation to the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  We set up an awesome campground with a huge tent, games, brought bikes, everything we could think of.  When it was all said and done, the thing Owen talked about most, and even drew pictures of in class to talk about his Spring Break was playing frisbee with me at the camp site.   Not the bonfire on the beach or the ferry rides to and from the island, but just playing frisbee.  It's humbling to see such pure intentions, nothing mattered as much as just playing with his dad.


 How has being a father changed/transformed your life? 

Jason: I approach everything with a longer term mind set.  How is what I do today going to help my kids tomorrow.  Am I teaching good lessons?  Am I preparing them to be resilient, kind, and strong leaders of character.  Am I making the financial decisions that will support their education and entry into the job market?  How does my work impact their life?  Beyond that, it's hard to describe how the love for and from your children change you.  I am made more whole by being their father.


Do you have a parenting moment you feel most proud of? 

Jason: Well...recently my daughter, Cora, said to me in the car that she loves "princesses and Rock 'n Roll" then made an awesome tongue out rockstar face while head-banging to Van Halen.  I nearly shed a single tear of joy, but that wouldn't have been very Rock 'n Roll of me...


What advice would you give first-time dad? 

Jason: You're equipped for the job, believe it or not--you are.  Don't doubt yourself or overthink every obstacle on the path.  Kids only need one thing, you.  Also, totally normal to go to the ER a few times raising spirited and fearless children.  Kids bounce back quick so don't guilt yourself :)