How Do Remote Riveters Contribute to the Bag Making Process?

Many of our military-spouse Riveters are well educated and have robust career experience. But when they have to relocate every couple of years, holding down a job can be tough. Add raising a family into the mix, and it’s near impossible for these spouses to not only find work, but work where the income supplements child care services.

Plenty of military spouses want to work, but obtaining employment is especially tough. Oftentimes, employers will pass on an opportunity to hire a military spouse because they are so likely to relocate for their significant other’s job. It’s an aspect to being a military spouse that is not talked about often, but is an everyday struggle.

The work situation military spouses face is what led to R. Riveter’s creation and mission. We want military spouses to be able to contribute to their family and do work that is rewarding to them. With our model, we’ve been able to provide work to military spouses, regardless of where they are in the United States or how often they have to relocate.

Our business makes it easy for military spouses to earn portable income and help support their families. Each element of R. Riveter’s bags and accessories can be assembled remotely, wherever the Riveters are located in the United States. We send all the materials needed to complete the job through the U.S. Postal Service; the Riveters supply their own equipment like sewing machines or extra thread. The Riveters then assemble the pieces and send them back to the production headquarters in North Carolina.

Instead of having the remote Riveters assemble an entire bag, we break down the process so each Riveter focuses on one specific part, which is contracted out to them. One might sew bag linings, while another could be in charge of hand-dying the leather support tags. By the time the bag is packaged and delivered to its owner, it has passed through up to 12 military spouses, making the product 100 percent American handmade.

It’s our goal here at R.Riveter to make a product that benefits everyone who comes in contact with it. Our customers get a bag that’s high quality, durable and fashionable and our remote Riveters get fulfilling work and an opportunity to support their families.

How Do Remote Riveters Contribute to the Bag Making Process?