Meet the Riveter: Stacy Deaton

R. Riveter came into Stacy Deaton’s life by accident. An email newsletter featured the company and Deaton quickly clicked past it, assuming it was junk mail. 

But there was something about the name – taken from the World War II icon, Rosie the Riveter – that stuck with her, so Deaton went back and took a closer look. The more she learned about the company, the more she wanted to be a part of it. She immediately sent a message to R. Riveter through both Facebook and email, just to make sure someone would receive it. R. Riveter co-founder Cameron Cruse replied within 24 hours and Deaton has been a riveter with the company for three years. The work was perfect for Deaton, who grew up in a sewing family. 

“My mom said I never wanted to do anything but sew,” she said. “Even my dad sews. He won the Betty Crocker award when he was in high school.” 

R. Riveter contracts deaton to sew the bag liners, and she has made a liner for every bag R. Riveter has produced. In addition to her sewing abilities, Deaton is also talented at disassembling and repairing sewing machines; a skill she learned out of necessity. 

“I broke a sewing machine when I first started because I’m so hard on them. So I started fixing my own machines, which was something I didn’t expect,” Deaton said. “Little plastic new sewing machines don’t hold up. Older sewing machines are tougher and faster.” 

Like many military spouses, Deaton’s family has relocated multiple times within the 13 years she’s been married to her husband. As a result, finding steady work has been difficult for her.  

“There are such few work opportunities for military spouses,” she said. “R. Riveter gives us a solution, so when we do have to move, we won’t have to worry about our income being affected.”

With all work available remotely, R. Riveter gives military spouses the opportunity to work and have a steady supplemental income in a way they were never given before.

“R. Riveter’s founders are truly sweet people that have this vision of making things better not just for themselves, but for a whole group of people.”