Handmade – By More Hands Than One

 R. Riveter products are truly handmade in every sense of the word. In fact, one bag could pass through the hands of 12 military spouses before landing at the customer’s doorstep.

The key to the R. Riveter model is to carefully focus on one aspect of the product at a time in order for it to be of the highest quality. The company’s contractors – or Riveters, as they’re called – each have their own specialty area. For example, there are some who sew the linings in the bags, some who hand-dye the leather support tags and others who cut and dye the canvas materials, which are often recycled and repurposed from military materials such as duffel bags, shelter halves and blankets.

Even though each Riveter has their own focus, the parts change depending on what bag they’re working on. Each bag has its own style and different craftsmanship requirements for the Riveters. For example, some of the bags’ liners have pockets, while others have stamps sewn on. Some liners are small and square, while others are large and rectangular. The Riveters get a different experience depending on which bag they are helping construct.

The Riveters are located all throughout the United States, with the exception of a few local Riveters that live within driving distance of the company’s production site and are able to drop off and pick up parts.

The long-distance Riveters utilize the U.S. Postal Service, email, phones and online platforms to send materials and keep in touch on work progress. R. Riveter sends them the materials they need through the mail and the Riveters provide their own equipment, which includes sewing machines, thread and any additional equipment to construct a quality product. Once the parts are completed, they are sent to R. Riveter’s home base in Southern Pines, North Carolina for final assembly. The result is a bag that’s 100 percent American handmade.

It is not uncommon, as a military spouse, to lead a multifaceted life that requires the need for flexibility and control over one’s schedule and career. This sense of independence is especially important to the Riveters, who are also dedicated mothers, wives, and friends. Each riveter finds great value and freedom in dictating just how much time is spent working, in order to spend more time with their children, families and communities. Through open communication and a sense of shared values, the team of remote Riveters have advanced their skill set into a refined craftsmanship. The results are fashionable, high-end products that are ideal for the all-American woman.


Handmade – By More Hands Than One