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Like the spirit of the R. Riveter Bag, the Army Class A Uniform is known for its formal design + durability. Hand-crafting a hybrid of the two resulted in a look that is more military-chic and stylishly distinct than ever before!

The Class A Uniform was recently laid to rest after 61 years of service. During its time, it has been witness to tearful goodbyes, endless adventures, unmistakable courage, eternal brotherhood, selfless pride and historical bravery. Become familiar with the legacy of this iconic uniform's history with these 5 things you never knew about the Army Class A Uniform!

  1. From the Revolutionary War to the Spanish American War, the US Army wore only blue dress uniforms. In a noble attempt to bring more prestige and dignity to the Army's ranks, Army Greens became the official uniform the year after the Korean War armistice.
  2. The Army Class A Uniform was influenced by British and French military traditions, as well as contemporary American civilian fashion trends. 
  3. The Army Class A Uniform was typically worn during formal and ceremonial occasions.
  4. Many civilian workers were mistaken for Army personnel because of massive use of army surplus clothing after World War II.
  5. In 2006, it was announced the "dress blue uniform" would be making a comeback and eventually reign supreme. The Army Greens would have but six years left to serve its country.

Though the Class A Uniform retired after only 61 years, she served her country and served her well. Many of us, at R. Riveter, remember the Class A uniform as the first dress uniform we ever saw our husband's wear. We remember the Class A uniform as the symbol of love that led us across the dance floor at our first military ball. We remember the Class A uniform as the wave of emotions that poured into the hall on homecoming day. We remember the class A uniform, that still hangs in the back of the closet, as a symbol that our men are more than capable of doing their jobs, and doing them safely. 

We remember.

To many, the Class A Uniform is simply a few bits of olive cloth, some gold buttons and a bit of thread. To a Military Spouse, it is a reminder of the courage, loyalty, integrity and strength that is possessed by all who were fortunate enough to have worn it.

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Handcrafting two of our R. Riveter style bags out of something that meant so much to so many, was an absolute honor for our Riveters. This is how you know that when you support our mission to provide these selfless women with a mobile and flexible income, you are not only receiving a quality product, you are receiving a piece of history that was handled and assembled with love and care. 

Limited Edition Handbags by R. Riveter

Handbags made from authentic military materials - like these Class A Uniforms - are rare due to the nature of the retired materials. These handbags sell out quickly and their return is always an unexpected and welcomed surprise to us all.

Their journey through history means each bag has its own story to tell - no two are alike. What story will your bag tell?


Story by: Kellie Gunderman

Photography by: Abi Ray