12 Days of Gratitude

During the Holidays we sometimes miss the reason for the season and focus so much on checking off a list. Whether it's finding the sold-out toy your child asked for from Santa, making the perfect dish your Grandma would be proud of or the gift your mother-in-law won't return this year. 
We need to slow down, open our eyes and soak in all the magic and love for the season. 
This year we sharing stories from our very own Remote Riveters and team members (far and wide) about what they are grateful for and for you as the customer to get to know the hands and makers behind your handbags.

"The Holiday Season is time for fellowship and family! We get time to enjoy one another and join together to reflect on the year!" - Jamie RR240

"R. Riveter impacts my life in so many ways! It’s gives us a little extra money to spend on the fun things and it gives me a creative outlet just to name a few!" - Erica RR195



"[R. Riveter] Empowers me to learn new things in all departments and from all of the team. [This job] Provides me with opportunities to help others. I have gained so much knowledge." - Leticia RR260

"Having been a milspouse for 20+ years, it was great to be able to take R.Riveter with me to continue my work from home after my husband retired from the Army." - Lori RR245

"As a military family, we never seem to have enough time together. However, because my job is so flexible, I can be present for all my child's activities, and I can be off whenever my husband is on leave so we can spend as much family time together as possible." - Jenn RR283