Military Child 2023

military child month

Military kids are the future. 

They are resilient, they are resolute, they are relentless.

Join us in celebrating the Month of the Military Child!

Each April, we set aside special time to honor the youngest members of our community and to celebrate their flexibility, adaptability, and bravery.  Each military child is unique in their own way and in their experiences, but they share a few awe-inspiring traits in common.  

Faced with frequent moves and changing home situations, the military child must be resilient and ready to take on new challenges.  When missing their mom or dad during a long deployment, the military child must be strong and patient.  Walking into a new school in a new state, the military child must be fearless and spirited.  
When settling into a new post and a new house, the military child must be independent and hopeful.  And above all, the military child must be adventurous and ready for change at any moment.  
When all these things combine into one young person, we can’t help but be impressed.  
Here’s how we’re celebrating the Military Child:

In honor of military children stationed around the globe, we’re launching two of our best-selling bags in a limited-edition print and a new purple bag tag and donating a to the Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC). With every item sold from our Military Child collection we will donate $10 to MCEC to help them advocate for our military kids.

Thank you for your help!

We are so grateful for your support and for helping the youngest members of our community. And thank you to MCEC for their continued dedication.

And to the Military Child, we are proud of you and we are here for you.

The harriet in Purple geoWhy purple?

The Margot tote in purple Geopurple support tag

The Harriet Shopper

We’re relaunching our Harriet Shopper in a stunning purple geometric duck cotton canvas! A thoughtful approach to extreme function, this shopper is ready for you to use all day, every day. The purple patterned tote is accented with our signature leather bucket bottom with protective brass feet, zip top closure, and long leather straps for an easy carry.

The three exterior slip pockets and one interior zip pocket means the Harriet shopper is the perfect balance between organized and stylish. Carry our new Harriet Shopper and proudly show your support for the military child with the purple support tag - included with this product for the month of April! 

The Margot Tote

Our Margot Tote is getting a new look! Purple geometric duck cotton canvas is framed by beige webbing straps. An awesome over-the-shoulder commuter bag, the Margot seamlessly transitions straight to poolside for spring break and long summer days. We’re taking this one for a spin all season long and we might not ever put it down. Proudly show your support for the military child with the purple support tag - included with this product for the month of April! 

 The open interior gives you plenty of space for work gear or beach towels, and the exterior zip pocket keeps your essentials and tech right where you need them. Grab the new Margot Tote and help us support the military child this spring!

 The Support Tag

R.Riveter bags come with a yellow military support tag, but this season we are switching things up. We’re launching a purple tag in honor of the military child. Snag a new tag for your favorite R.Riveter bag and show your support for the youngest members of our community.

Meet a Military Child eduatorMeet Suzanne,  a military Child educator