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Oveta Culp Hobby - Hustling was her (wait for it) favorite hobby.

Oveta Culp Hobby was 'doing her thing,' before 'doing her thing' even was a thing.

Born in 1905, Oveta was raised in Texas and though she never finished college (she did try two different times) and lost her run for Texas Legislature, she didn't sweat it. 

Oveta was on a mission, you see. 

That mission began with running The Post Newspaper in Houston. And if the titles 'editor' and 'acting VP' weren't enough to hang her hat on, she published a book during that time as well. 

Leading up to WWII, while working PR for the War Department (yes, that’s a real thing) she laid the groundwork for ways women could serve their country in wartime. Oveta Culp Hobby went on to direct the Women’s Auxiliary Army Corps, which soon integrated into the Army, and our leading lady became a colonel who served through the entire war. When the war ended, she could have put her feet up and eased into a life of retirement. Rather, she said ‘hold my wine, I’m not finished!’ 

Hobby helped with Eisenhower’s campaign and found herself appointed secretary of the Department of Health, Education and Welfare under his presidency- good thinking Dwight! This spunky overachiever even helped distribute the first polio vaccine. 

Fun Fact: Oveta would 100% have needed the shoulder bag she was named after to hold all her accomplishments. The front two pockets would fit her honorary degrees and Army Distinguished Service Medal, perfectly. The Memorial Library and Texas Hall of Fame swag would probably have to go in the main pocket, though. 

 Funner Fact: Mrs. Hobby was commemorated on a stamp in 2011, which is kind of the ‘mic drop’ of government accomplishments, wouldn’t you say? 

The Signature Hobby from R.Riveter on Vimeo. 


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