It's not the bag, it's the mission
About Us

R.Riveter was founded on the American ideal that opportunity and innovation, when combined with determination, will create positive impact.

We are here to provide mobile, flexible income to military spouses as they move across the country every 2-3 years in support of their service member.

From two Women

 in an attic to a nationwide network of Riveters, our company embodies the time-tested mantra of success through hard work while providing travel hardened military spouses the opportunity to achieve and elevate. With each spouse doing their part to assemble the product, the mission is accomplished through the hands of each worker. The team spirit and community within R.Riveter drives individual and collective success, in the shop or at home.

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About our bags
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The Signature Yellow Support Tag

is an ode to military cause ribbons, are hand-dyed by a Remote Riveter.

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Honoring the women

that came before us, each bag is named after a woman in history who made an impact and changed the world.

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Assembled in the U.S.

Parts and pieces are made remotely across the country by independent military spouses

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