Transition: Finding Serenity

The Transition Collection is about finding beauty in the details. It focuses on keeping your Zen amid an ever-changing life around you. Finding ourselves in a new world of change can be stressful and cause uncertainty. These are the times we most want to recoil into our safe space of complacency. Transition challenges this mindset and pushes to break free from it entirely. Find peace in places you’ve never thought to look and learn how to change your perception of the world around you. Transition is about shifting expectations to be more positive and allowing yourself to shatter the status quo. 

As we embark on learning to be liberated from these fears this season, we will focus on three key words—Serenity, Emerge, and Transform.  

Serenity is the first essential need within a transition. Defined as a state of being. This is about a mindset shift.  

  • Gratitude is an important part of staying grounded. When we remember the things that are good, it helps us to balance and reevaluate the things that aren’t. It may help to see the problems in a new perspective. What are three things you have gratitude for this week?

A mantra is a word or phrase that can be repeated to realign and center yourself throughout your day. Using positive self-talk can completely refocus you and boost confidence (who doesn't want more of that!) Here are some examples to help you until you can come up with your own:

  • With change comes opportunity 
  • I will accept what is, instead of resenting what isn’t 
  • I will not postpone joy 
  • Progress over perfection 

BALANCE. It can seem impossible finding time to fit everything on your schedule. We are right there with you. Start by finding a space you can write down all of your tasks. We've found this helps in relieving the ever so persistent "Let me run through all my daily tasks in my head all at once." Big anxiety inducer. Writing it all down allows you to clear your mind and focus on one thing at a time. It also allows you to prioritize and maybe even push out the tasks that aren't as pressing to have a little 'you' time. We know you could use it. 

Transition is a journey that is best done with others. Having someone to support you and hear your fears spoken aloud is powerful. You might uncover that the person you share with is also facing a transition of their own and can offer advice. The best thing about humanity is the ability to empathize. Lean into it.